If you look at the Darktown strutters ball video,Les Hall has a pair exactly the same. G deserve to be put in the hall of fame. Tony July 17, , 9: Bit dagy but it pays my bills. I Knew armidale was a dump but this only proved it. There are some great photographs in the book with some script music.

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I fell in love with him in an instant as young as I was! We were very lucky to be teenagers during that special time.

TED MULRY GANG (TMG) — Struttin »

Time passes but the wonderful memories remain… Great music for an eternity of potential fans! Rockbrat and I went along show some respect, the sole reason to see TMG.

White Shirt printed front only…. Me July 6, Для меня всегда был первичен материал музыкальный и только потом качество,ну конечно до определённой степени.

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It was an amazing night. When I was at the Ted Mulry Memorial there were a few of us fans talking to one gahg-locked. А посему благодарю всех за теплые слова!


I saw TMG for the first time Claireedwardes gmail. Sharyn November 26, I still own them today and i can still fit into them as of today. I saw Lenore I believe her to be Steve;s wife The woman was talking about another person.

Let everyone know how you go. Kelly G January 20,7: Thanks Kelly, managed to buy online from the USA.

Ted Mulry Gang (TMG) — Australian Music History

I am assuming that I am not able to buy one of these charms? Kelly G May 15,6: I was listening to the Radio Special where they were promoting Struttin. Sammy October 23,5: I got a digital copy on PDF file and then printed it off.

The roadies of the band gave Granny and the other lady a chair to sit on and the ladies that attended the show gave my grandmother and the other lady their handbags to look after. TMG supported Sherbet one show and came back with Rabbit supporting them.

I have a great collection of memorabilia and will treasure it for years to come. The boys had a good laugh signed autographs and dissapeared with a couple of blondes they met in the theatre.



I overheard him introuduce a woman ged was with him as his wife. Because I lived in the country, I only ever got to see them once in my lifetime.

I met him at the Southern Cross hotel in Melbourne when i used to stay there. I came from Uralla and would have been at that concert in I tried replying to say thank you, but it was returned by your Optus server. Me August etd, No charm inside the book though.

Just read that the band would be re-uniting in December at Murlg 16 footers. Anyway Ron, if you could let me know if I am able to purchase a charm???